KC Presort is a leading company in high quality mail solutions and services for the Kansas City Metropolitan area. Our technology and expertise in the mailing industry has allowed us to work with several hundred different customers ranging from small to high-volume mailing organizations and every size between. Easy-to-use services, immediate cost savings, accountability with report tracking, onsite expert mail piece advice and design, and reliable infrastructure are all hallmarks of KC Presort's continued commitment to customer excellence.

KC Presort provides more than mail services and solutions. We also provide the expertise and technology needed to make your outgoing business mail a success. Our secure web-based interface allows you to easily upload and send us address lists, mail piece design templates, and other related files to help complete your mail projects.  Our Client Services team provides you with complete support from the initial project conception, through the mail piece design and implementation, during the production and finishing stage, and even beyond as you mail reaches your target audience.  Our clients have the highest deliverability rates in the area due to the postal software and consulting services we provide while achieving the lowest possible postal rates for their outgoing mail. 

KC Presort works with clients across a wide variety of industries including banks, financial services, schools, universities, insurance companies, non-profit organizations, debt collection services, billing services, state and local government offices, and public utilities companies to name a few.

Company Overview

Our main production facility, located in Kansas City, KS houses our printing, bindery, fulfillment, our mailing and distribution services. KC Presort offers comprehensive mail production services from design to delivery, with an emphasis on customer service and a commitment to saving customer dollars. In short, we are continually exploring new processes and technology to better serve your needs.

Who we serve

KC Presort mailing services are available to all Kansas City Metropolitan state and federal agencies, companies of any size, institutions of higher education, associations, banks, and both nonprofit and for profit organizations. Working with our customers, we assist them in developing the most effective solutions for their mailing needs. It is our desire to provide �peace of mind� to both our customers by ensuring all customer needs are met.

Our Mission

KC Presort will exceed our customer expectations.

Our Vision

To become the Mail Services Provider of choice.

Our History

KC Presort is headquartered in Kansas City, KS and was formed in October 1999 with the vision of providing the Kansas City area with top-notch mail technology  while providing the highest level of customer service and support in the industry.  KC Presort emerged as a distinct go-to source for clients as the USPS continued to push for changes and rate increases in the mail industry while the need for excellence and cost savings grew.

Understanding the needs of our customers has always been a top priority for KC Presort. As a result, the company has put together a comprehensive group of mail services which is primarily driven by client needs and preferences. The company continues to expand and add to its service offerings. If you have a special need or would like to request a service not listed in our services guide, please let us know. We are happy to work with you to accomplish and satisfy all of your mailing needs.

As KC Presort continues to grow as a company it is a priority with the owners to stay up-to-date with new mailing equipment and technology. We will continue to add new equipment and enhancements to maintain a healthy progressive growth for our organization and customers.